So HR invited us to a mandatory hour long talk on why rest and relaxation is important for work efficiency.

On a Saturday.

You can’t make this shit up.

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    HR logic :D
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    Tell her or him that it's time for your rest so he or she should fuck off with mandatory meetings outside of working hours.
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    I LOVE the expression that they "invite" you to a "mandatory" talk... Sums up their attitude perfectly!
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    woke strategy to checkmark "effort"

    point is not to make employees environment but to look like you do everything for it. Does not matter that is counter productive
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    The real HR team invites you for an hour of drinks on a Friday.
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    That is fucked up. Typical HR bullshit
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    Imagine unironically attending a mandatory hour long meeting on your weekend
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    And let me guess it was in-house so you had to commute?!
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    Plot twist: they do their best to piss you off and the meeting ends by one of them going: “you all look very bored and pissed off... this is why it’s important to relax on Saturday and not attend to stupid meetings.”

    Then they do a mic drop and disconnect leaving you speechless.
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    I don't attend mandatory HR bullshit meetings unless it's on company time during my regular scheduled hours.

    I'll be honest, I don't attend them then either 😂

    I just ask if they have a problem with my performance in relation to <meeting title> and if they say no then I just shrug and say "then I guess I don't have to be there"
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    At first my sleepy eyes read hour long walk. That actually would accomplish more than a talk...
    I would either do nothing or definitely organise a counter with a series of relaxing photos outdoors and a caption "great talk mission accomplished". Send it to the whole organisation instead of attending.
    When getting flack, you just say you thought it was a joke. Something this stupid can't be possibly be real...
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    "Mandatory" on a Saturday, I sure hope you didn't move your ass to this shit
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    @Lyniven No I had to attend a made up dental appointment. In truth a root canal would’ve been more enjoying than sitting through that.
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    hi. i will not be attending because i obviously don't need to because i won't be attending.
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