Was asked to help a team of interns in a remote country, finish an app. Not only were they terrible at literally every aspect of development, but were arrogant and argued their "new" ways were right.

Spent weeks on the project being nice, trying to help them, sending them links to standards and documents, pointing out unit tests shouldn't be failing, everyone needs to have the same versions of the tools etc. You know, basic shit.

Things got quite heated a few weeks in when they started completely ignoring me. Shit was breaking all over the place and crashing, as I thought we were going to build it one way, and they went and built it another.

Was practically begging the team architect and my manager for help dealing with them. Only reply I got was the usual "were aware of the problem and looking into it" bullshit.

Eventually after the app was done, a mutual agreement was reached that the 2 teams would split (I maintain they were kicked out). All the local devs were happy, managers had mentioned how difficult they were and it would be great for us to finally work on our own.

So I thought everything was fine ... until my end of year performance review came along.

Seems I'm quite poor at "working with others" and I "don't try hard enough with others", it was clear I was struggling with the remote team and "made no effort".


Not being cocky, but I've never had anything like that in a performance review for the past 7 years. I'm a hard worker, and never have trouble making friends with colleagues. Everyone in the country complained about these remote fuckers, even the manager, who I begged for help. And the end result is I need to work harder.

I came in early, stayed late to fit their timezone, took extra tasks, did research for them, wrote docs. And I was told to work harder.

Only reason I didn't quit, was my internal transfer request was approved lol. New team is looking at projects orders of magnitude more impressive, never been happier.

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    Nice rant. As I have only had freelance jobs I don't know how performance reviews work but shouldn't you have a possibility to talk to someone that could change that shitty review? Would seem unfair to get negative stuff thrown at you without being able to defend yourself..
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    @jonatan yes, to cut a very long, very complicated (internal business process bullshittery) process short.

    My performance review was 80% from old manager, 20% from new. New manager had final say. Have worked for her before.

    Explained what happened, showed her some proof and she took it upon herself to update the final review to not include that bit, as she said she didn't believe it anyway.

    So it all worked out in the end, but Jesus, talk about being stabbed in the back
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    @practiseSafeHex glad to hear it worked out in the end, and totally understand that the situation would feel awful. Best of luck in the future!
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