4 roles in 1 job... is being a dev getting to an era of slavery?

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    Work 24/7 for these fuckers. Would someone that smart even want this job? This sounds like torture. You’d have to know everything from computer hardware to networking to windows support to software development both ends to knowing how to want to do all this for 40k per yr.
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    ⚠️ TRADE OFFER ⚠️

    I receive:
    All of your free time and loyal devotion to the company

    You receive:
    Go fuck yourself
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    @12bitfloat but you’re a programmer! You’re supposed to know everything about computers! Can you suggest a MacBook for me?
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    This is what happens when you have an adequate number of devs in the early days, built out projects one after the other and the devs over time leave but are not replaced. Eventually you end up with 1 or 2 devs carrying all the prior work and creating the epic bus factor in the company.


    Now, management need a new project and their only dev left doesn't have the capacity to do any of the work but wonders why, so they hire someone... which can do everything the current dev is doing because that's where the current benchmark is.

    I present to you, the dev of EVERY FUCKING THING, I call him @C0D4 though 😅
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    @12bitfloat sounds like modern kapitalism
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    That's IT position, and it seem pretty standard from the IT people i've met on my jobs.
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    It look like a it was made by HR.

    When you actually talk to the dev at the job interview, you notice that it's simply about working on the language not cited in the offer.
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    I could probably do most of those (given some learning period) but not all at once.
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    It sounds like IT doesn’t stand for Information Technology anymore, it is the neutral pronoun because we are treated like objects
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    It was similar for me. They wanted me to do webdesign and videography (I was graphic designer), but they didnt want to raise my wage. Well 😂🧏🏻‍♂️
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    Very close to my last job.
    This happens sometimes in small companies.
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    Wait ... I assume your have never seen any job description in Malaysia (my country) yet.

    Go to Jobstreet.com , simply find "software engineer or software developer" read the JD you will be shouting wtf .
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    @johnmelodyme based on your rants I wouldn’t be surprised. I need some comedy after a rough day lol
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