I was writing some migrations and I had to do THIS. Could I have named my variables differently? Didn't wanna... 😈

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    Just remember, if you kill the parent before killing the children you will have orphans on your hands.

    If that happens you better hope you have a good garbage collector to take the orphans off your hands otherwise you're liable to get in some deep shit.
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    tf is that stench
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    Is that python? Python is always so elegant but your naming convention is giving me a headache 🤕
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    Sounds like some really harmless process managing.
    Except it's violent.
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    it's perfect.
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    Why do you have snake_case and camelCase at the same time ?
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    @Earu It's not camelCase, it's PascalCase for classes
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    I’d argue that PascalCase is used for class definition, in your case it’d be your normal variable naming convention
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