This right here is all I need to remind me that I don't want to work for anyone but myself anymore. These whiteboard interviews are so pointless and stupid.


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    I'm completely unable to read that on mobile. It just scrolls erratically and forces me back up to the paragraph I already read.
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    only devs should recruit devs
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    @tommy no.

    Involved in the hiring process - yes, but leaving the decision up to my dev team would be a catastrophe.
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    Never had kind of a whiteboard interview. Recruiters and PMs always asked about my latest projects, involved technologies etc.
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    Google is full of shit/this. I didn't even get past phase 1 on an internship interview over hangouts. He made me do fibonaci and I actually did it in a few ways, each improving over the previous one.

    They don't care if you have managerial skills. Heck you could have even had a startup once and still wouldn't care or bring it up in the interview (online).

    They also don't care who are you as a person, problem solving skills (generally speaking), time management, personal projects, NOTHING.

    All they care about is you shitting out letter by letter some algorithms or data structures.
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    I agree wholeheartedly, but was there any need to include "predominantly white and male" in the article? Jesus Christ, don't turn this into a social debate.
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    @monr0e agree wholeheartedly. Everything's about social justice whining anymore.
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    @Mayhem93 agree! I got hired into job once where my being hired was based on the results of an online test about random programming factoids. The test had a bug in it. I had to take it multiple times to get a final score, and the score was skewed in my favor because none of the questions or answers changed. So my score had improved artificially just by guessing right answers to stuff I didn't really know.

    They let me go a month later. Yeah, I wasn't the greatest coder, but they already had more coders than they legitimately needed. I had tried to fill a gap where they needed a simpler way to update their marketing site, via WordPress. But they took it as a sign that I wasn't fit for the job because I had proposed a simpler design pattern like WordPress over their darling custom coded marketing site that needed a week lead time just to post a new ad banner.

    They were ridiculous and I was glad to be out of there.
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    @darkcode yes this much at the very least... 1 dev and one other person
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