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Personal life update:

Like I said a few rants ago, I got a job in a call center for a national Japanese food chain. I am getting a pretty good salary for a teenager, and I am being paid the same amount as the other call center agents.

What I didn’t tell you is that I am doing a pre-university SAT, and it’s pretty much destroying me. I regret choosing to do it.

About AltRant: currently on short hiatus, though I swear to god that I will DEFINITELY upload it to TestFlight so you can get a taste of the app. All I ask is patience. I think I will wait until iOS 15 is out because the latest betas created a massive issue in a few parts of the app. All of them are aesthetic but damn it, I want to fix them only when they are officially there to stay because right now iOS 15 is still in beta.

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    Why would a Japanese food chain outsource their call center to Israel instead of India or some other third world degrading nation?

    Also, what made you learn Japanese?
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    This is random.
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    @Floydimus maybe he's a food delivery drone pilot. Using his deadly skills learned in israeli military conscription for satisfying the most demanding and unforgiving hungry japanese customers. 😄
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    @Floydimus I don’t know Japanese.

    I ship to Israeli people.
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    Next time, some HR person will rant.
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    @Floydimus Japanese food, not Japanese chain. The chain is in Israel. Unless I'm totally wrong and Omer-san is secretly a Yakuza and the job is just a forefront.
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    @heyheni fuck! That went 0 to 100 real quick. Lol

    @OmerFlame ah! Got it. So there's a love for Sushi amongst Israeli folks. Never thought that culture miz could happen.

    @SoldierOfCode act like we don't know that to play it safe.
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    @Floydimus probably it’s more along the lines of multinational food corp headquartered in Japan
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    @jeeper interesting. Thanks.
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