When I see job adverts asking for SQL skills it really puts me off. After seeing how database migrations and eloquent in Laravel work I don't know why anyone would write SQL queries again!

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    Because they use relevant technology
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    Not every stack allows for laravel...or sanity..
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    Dude!You think Laravel is used everywhere? smh
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    Do you know that under the Laravel code you use there's SQL right? Someone had to write it and someone needs to keep it updated.
    Also a lot of websites don't use Laravel and loads of them don't even use PHP.
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    Knew that would be controversial. No offence intended!

    To clarify, the point I was trying to make was I like the way the SQL code is abstracted, allowing you to easily swap between persistence layers if you need to.
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    @chrisrhymes SQL is abstracted, but you still need to know it to be able to optimize your requests. You may think it is unnecessary, but it often makes the difference between 1 and 15 database requests.

    Plus, generated database migration scripts MUST be checked thoroughly before use ! It's just a helper
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    @willol speaks truth. If well setup, the database is the guru on how to efficiently get what you want and SQL is its native language. You can talk to it with just an ORM like in laravel. It'll work but it's like trying to rephrase Shakespeare into Donald Trumpisms. You'll just need a lot more of them to get the whole meaning across.

    But that analogy goes both ways. Never go for Shakespeare when a short, blunt Trumpism can say the same.
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