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    But…. Why…… just use any scripting language of the millions we already have.
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    @petergriffin Almost anything you do is being done better by someone else. Make an app? There's already plenty of apps. Masturbate? I bet you there are erotic massage therapists who are better at jerking you off, than you are. Brew your own beer? There's already thousands of brands. Breathing? There's probably some zen monk doing that perfectly.

    But you don't see me stop fapping or breathing. Or making bad apps.

    So why not make a new programming language? It might not be the best language ever. It might end up in the trashcan of abandoned Github projects.

    But hey, it's an experience.
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    Nette sache
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    @petergriffin learning purpose, because I can, because I do that for a living, love it, teaching purposes

    Pick at least 2 and change your picks daily!
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