What are your favorite distros for Linux? I'm new to Linux so I'm just curious on what's out there that you guys use most and what's most convenient for development! Also can I PLEASE get some upvotes I want an avatar so bad lol

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    I'm using Arch with gnome ( i know i know, i should be using plasma ) i just like nice animations to much.

    I like it alot since it is completely tailored to how i want and work.

    But if you are just entering the 'leenuux' world it might be a better idea to boot up Ubuntu in a VM. Because shit tends to break more often (more access == more damage that can be done) , and either you fix it or reinstall OS.
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    Welcome to devrant! Personally, I really like centos as server os and debian as desktop os.
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    I use Xubuntu for my little laptop, and would happily recommend it for most basic tasks. For beginners I think Ubuntu or Linux Mint are also good options, and like @Tvercruysse said, starting with a virtual machine is a good way to experience a full install and get used to the new environment.
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    If you're new i'd say go with ubuntu, maybe fire up a vm or install on some old scruffy laptop you have laying around. Linux mint is good too for that familiar windows workflow Cinnamon has :)
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    I'm really enjoying arch with cinnamon DE.
    Arch takes a while to set up, but you learn a lot about how linux works.
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    Using Linux mint kde on my laptop and elementary os on my desktop!
    If you totally new to the Linux world I suggest to try Linux mint. It's beginner friendly. Then start learning commandline on Linux and understand it's file system. Start Following blogs on Linux world.
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    I like Linux mint
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    Lubuntu with arc-dark theme and numix icons. But I am eyeing antergos and manjaro
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