Holy fuck I did it. I convinced my non tech manager not to do code QA after he brought the whole system down approving things without testing them and getting devs to make changes that caused bugs. Don’t get me wrong he threatened to fire me twice during the conversation but I dunno…I think I’m just about ready for my second dev job anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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    "Dude, if you don't stop this shit I'll quit anyway and save you the bother"
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    @d4ng3r0u5 I’m afraid they’d prefer that. I’m full-time salaried with benefits/bonuses etc. If I quit they wouldn’t have to pay severance. I want to see this app succeed if I can. It’s been my baby for over 2 years now and we’re right at the finish line right now. Just a bit of UAT and polish left and this will be an insane add to my portfolio. Plus they never had me sign an NDA so I can blab all I want to future employers when the time comes.
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    @TheCommoner282 I think he’s just gone a very long time without having someone say anything other than “yes sir” to him and it was a bit of shocker that he reacted not so well to. He felt I was undermining his managerial authority and that I was insubordinating by saying what he should and shouldn’t do. Just standard trust and control issues.

    I just said he needs to trust me for this project to be successful and showed that he was causing more harm to the project than good. He didn’t agree right away he came back later and presented the solution as if it was his idea of course.
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    @boombodies fuck him... Fuck him with an anchor... Fuck that little wanker (thx Alestorm)
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    @TheCommoner282 Swing and a miss, lot’s of cultures here but very few Indians strangely
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    @IntrusionCM You're gonna punch him right in the balls
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    A lot of signs of a very very poor manager. Another red flag raised by identifying the project as "your baby". Dangerous mindset.

    You seem to be ready to move on though, so possibly irrelevant in this particular instance.

    Oh well. Good luck with the project and a future switch.
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