Just a friendly reminder that when you hear one or more of the following:
- underrepresented
- identity politics
- *phobia
- toxic *ity
- cis* (though "cisco" is fine)
- diversity
- culture appropriation
- passive-aggressive
- patriarchy
...and other bullshit, feel free to not talk to that person ever again. You'll miss nothing. Always remember that their goal is not equality but power to oppress whoever have a different worldview.

If you fear twitter backlash, fear not. Political shit comes and goes, but the inherent value of what you do is here to stay and means something at all times.

To anyone who wants to judge me because of this — remember, what you have read above comes from a bipolar transgender bisexual rape victim.

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    I kinda agree. The "inclusion" policy at work is quite literally "increase collaboration", so nobody has a fucking clue what inclusion is. My attitude kinda comes down to "I know what I'm doing, does anything else matter?"

    I want to talk about this stuff, have a vague inclination to do advocacy stuff, but I think it's better to talk about in the domain of personal experience, not generic "diversity & inclusion is good" crap.
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    @atheist when you hire or not hire people based solely on their skill and ability to do the job, you're being inclusive. That's it. There's nothing more to it.

    If you for example don't hire women because "girls can't code", that's not inclusive (and straight up sexist).
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    @kiki I think I agree, but people don't understand that some people need barriers to contribution removed before they're able to be judged solely on skill/ability.
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    Don't know about most things on this list, but really not sure what passive-aggressive is doing here. Working with people like that sucks. They say that everything's fine and wonderful and that nothing's wrong, then constantly engage in eye-rolling, stares, smirks etc. whenever they've decided something you've said is ridiculous, deliberately miss deadlines for work you rely on to screw you up, etc. - then when some people get truly fed up and have a go, they play the victim card with phrases like "but when on earth did I say a single bad word about you?!"

    I'd happily call out passive aggressive morons any day of the week. Screw the lot of them.

    Also, we must have a very different definition of toxic, because this:

    > If you for example don't hire women because "girls can't code", that's not inclusive (and straight up sexist).

    ...is exactly what I'd call toxic behaviour.
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    @AlmondSauce toxic is about presentation and not matter. I can say what is factually correct, though say it in a way that makes it toxic. Meanwhile “girls can’t code” is factually incorrect
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    Yes, in Germany we have this far right wing party where one of the leaders is a lesbian women married to a indian migrant women. She fights against her own rights. What psychological term fits for this selfinjuring behaviour ? Maybe youuuu can help me
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    @knobfloortowel wow, there is a European country worse than Russia
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    It's a facade, wokeness was a publicity stunt.
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    @kiki The problem is, you try arguing that's factually incorrect with someone who believes it's true (especially when you delve down and find they actually mean girls can code, they're just terrible at it, which is usually what I find they mean.)

    It's all toxic in my book. You can hold an opinion that's provably factually incorrect, and still toxic.
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    @knobfloortowel the terms you are looking for are "token minorities" and "controlled opposition".
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    This post gives off a lot of pick-me energy..
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    Both extremes are sad.

    Take Blizzard, the game company. Lots of crappy behavior -- managers being pigs, treating female employees as if they're hazing junior frat members (hazing is also a retarded thing, but that's a separate issue), nasty racist/sexist jokes being made behind peoples backs, etc.

    Then all shit hits the fan. Rightly so. That bullshit needs to stop, a workplace needs to be professional, no one should feel nausea or fear for "superiors" when visiting an office.

    But then Blizzard starts removing all innuendos from their games. They start remodeling characters, covering up boobs and butts with extra clothing, rewriting quest texts, deleting sexy puns -- because it's "disrespectful".

    The sad part is that "woke" people (especially those acting from fear of not being correct enough) suddenly think that all forms of sex, partial nudity and flirtatiousness are automatically abusive.
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    @bittersweet I'm confident Blizzard does that to avoid solving their problems. I can guarantee you they'll have another scandal for the exact same reason within 3 years. They only fired a couple scapegoats so the culture didn't change.
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    @bittersweet sorry, didn’t read because I don’t want to be triggered. Basically

    Blizzard: China bad because no human rights
    Also blizzard: we banned you because you joked about Vinnie de Pooh because we need Chinese investors
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    If you think "fixing aggressive/rapey company culture" is the same as "censoring all lewd references", you're just showing that you've learned nothing.
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    I love it when it’s co-opted by a corporate. Like hi, we’re an advertising company, we’d sell cigarettes to kids again tomorrow if we could and we still spend millions on encouraging their parents to buy food that will give them diabetes but we’ve asked all of our staff to specify their pronouns on LinkedIn, we’re the good guys! We don’t want to exclude any demographic from the rubbish we sell!
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    Fair nuff
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    I'm kinda sad that it's come to this... can't we talk about recurring problems? even if we don't use the ✨magic words✨ you can still look at the world and tell there's something seriously wrong with how things are done
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    @darksideofyay The words are just frequently appearing keywords in a discussion that leads nowhere and immediately halts progress on every (otherwise real and sometimes very important) problem it involves, because the reasoning methods are designed for Twitter and they rely on labeling to an extent that's completely unproductive and sounds ridiculous in every environment besides 140 byte social media.
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    @lbfalvy words are just words, and twitter would still be hell without those
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    I know it’s possible you are a man with nice legs but could I possibly marry you and hide in your attic when I feel ashamed of my life choices ? Lol

    That was a joke btw

    Please more posts like this !
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    @kiki You're the one who keeps bringing this shit up. It's not like devRant and the world in general are being iverrun by crazy woke people and you are the last line of defense.
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    @Maer actually the fact that the news keeps posting shot about chapelle in repetition calling him a trans phone nice new word that

    The retard media keeps bringing it up
    And people in multiple places used it as a reason to breed more unhappiness

    It’s like pandering to chomo women who are uncomfortable with men looking at them when they’re attractive and show that shit off anyway

    Blame the tucked up father I didn’t do anything but get born with eyes and ignorant of what kind of monster said woman is
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    @AvatarOfKaine Yeah yeah, fuck off. I ignore superduper woke social justice warriors just as much as I ignore actual misogynist fucks such as yourself. Both sides are equally worthless.
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    @Maer boom, triggered!
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    @AvatarOfKaine What a comeback!
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    @Maer did you like how i equated a woman's worth to her breast quality in response to the term misogynist ? :P I was proud of that whole second of effort :P lol
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