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In season 1 episode 4 of Mr.Robot, Elliott plans on using a Raspberry Pi to heat up the storage facility in order to destroy the cassette tapes stored there. If he can get the temperature high enough, it would render those tapes useless. I was just wondering, can a hack like this take place in real life?

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    Depends on how the heating is controlled, if he can hook up the pi to phisically interact with the circuit, i dont see why he couldnt
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    He actually did hook it up to a climate control panel in the bathroom of the building (hiding it inside the wall).
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    Tapes can take a fair amount of heat. There's no HVAC system that will be able to do that.
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    the effect is called curie-temperature.
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    So, the currie-temp for ferrous oxide (used in cassette tapes), is 675 C, which is rather warm. I don't know of any HVAC system that can achieve that kind of heat.
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    He says "if the HVAC can get past at least 95 degrees, the tape backups will all be unreadable". I guess that makes sense.
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    I need to see this show. Sounds intersting.
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    If Elliot says it'll work, It'll work!
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    Most of the stuff in that series is feasible. They pay special attention to the console. No random keyboard nonsense. They hired a great consultant for that stuff
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