Management: This project isn’t moving along fast enough, you know what we need?

Dev: An additional dev?

Management: No! An additional manager! We’ll have a meeting about it later today.

Dev: …

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    Just don't get to to my compnay situation:
    5 TL. 1 vprnd. 4 PMs. 4 developers.
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    @magicMirror I love how common a 1:1 dev to PM ratio is. Lmfao who the fuck let that happen? If you need more than one PM your PM(s) are incompetent
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    That escalated quickly
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    @boombodies the PM situation is... complicated polically.
    The previous Vp of Poo is NOT in good terms with the CEO. He Did Not Get a Private Office like the Other VPs...
    So - the CEO hired a new CPO (chief Pepe officer) and a new minion for her, vs the current Vp of P, and his single minion.

    This makes working with the Pepe/poo minions very... awkward politically.

    Managed to death.
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