You might have noticed a pattern in my rants

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    @runfrodorun if you still live in 2008 then yeah you are right
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    @runfrodorun sure but please take into account latest versions of asp.net, mvc and dotnet core. I'm all ears 😈
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    @runfrodorun man u make nice speeches everywhere about anti-microsoft
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    @runfrodorun I'm afraid I'm talking framework and language design and you are talking companies and infrastructures. Show yourself out. This is not a rant for your I'm afraid.
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    @runfrodorun .Net is terribly designed and produces ugly code? How is that? Please enlighten me.

    I think well written C# and F# can be quite beautiful and very powerful. But you can write ugly code in any language.

    Oh and I agree with it being a tad overengineered, but when you're developing in quick iterations, it's nice to have all tools at your hands. The stuff is preinstalled on any windows machine anyways.

    And last but by no means least, the msdn is just beautiful. If only every language had such documentation...
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    @runfrodorun Well I suppose you have a point there.

    I've learned and always tried to maintain a static-ish style of coding, staying away from reflection and all these things you can do with jit compiling.

    But I wouldn't say the language really encourages the usage of these edge-case solutions. E.g. anyone who gets the concept of an action object should know better than to have it as a property.

    I personally find working with Java on Android _way_ worse. I helped out a buddy with an Android app (not developing Java at all myself) and he wanted to assign a list of controls defined in xml to objects.
    After some googling I found no better solution than to construct the "id" string of the controls in a loop at runtime, then search the resources for the string to get the integer id of the controls that I can then pass to findviewbyid to get the object reference. Wtf.

    Please please pretty please tell me I did that totally wrong and that is not the way its intended to work, at all. Please.
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    @runfrodorun your rants are fun to read...
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