Do you have any stories to tell ? Gestures like these always inspires me.

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    The gesture seems nice, but I don't trust that any of these stories are real thanks to the amount of fake clout chasers
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    @alexbrooklyn r/ThatHappened

    This screams karma whoring.
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    1. probably bullshit
    2. while this sounds very nice, it's completely ineffective at tackling the fact that you can lose everything due to no fault of your own because mere survival requires an often unattainably large capital in modern societies. That would be solved by social lawmaking and free public services, but somehow these empaths all vanish when the topic turns to actually doing something.
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    This is a lie.
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    @lbfalvy And if they don't vanish, they'll actively fight against their own interests.
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    @alexbrooklyn @Floydimus this is why the reason is important when you give charity.

    A story from a bystander is inspiring, a story from the protagonist is boasting.

    Imagine how shitty the matrix would have been if neo was the one narrating every scene. Everyone would have seen him as an egotistical dick.
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    Virtue signalling I sense here
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    How I met your mother.
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    Back when I moved to the big city I wanted to be Mr. Nice Guy. I was asked for a euro. I handed over ten euros. She didn't even flinch, took the ten euros and asked me if I had twenty. When I said no she said that I can have my ten back if I gave her twenty.

    Another time I wanted to quit smoking. Saw a homeless guy and asked him if he smoked. He said yes. I told him I am quitting and held the almost full pack out to him. He ripped out of my hand, surely crumbling a few cigarettes in the process. It was definitely uncomfortable.

    I have a few more stories, but they all ended with me feeling bad for trying.

    I came to the conclusion that it's better not to help homeless people as private person or private organisation. But that's for different reasons. But even if I didn't have good arguments not to be generous to them, many of them make it incredible easy to despise them.
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    @TheCommoner282 good on you man for trying. Shitty experiences but well at least you tried.
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    @TheCommoner282 Ouch, 'No good deed goes unpunished'
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    One day I gave 20$ to a junkie and he asked for 20$ more, then tried to stab me.
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    And yet oftentimes they're just grateful if you ask for their name and story before you start acting richlord. Have interactions with homeless people and you'll realize they're just people.
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    @sariel I like how you put it.
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    And then everyone clapped.
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    I bet the girl wasn't too ugly and you thought "maybe after a good shower..." 😂
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    @ostream your first mistake was giving money.

    I killed a man by giving him money. OD'd.

    I'll give clothes; socks, coats, nice clean shirts and pants.

    I'll give food; fast food, canned, dried, preserved.

    I will never give money again.
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    @sariel I mean junkies are a specific case of homeless people, if it hadn't been you it would have been somebody else.

    Blame lack of harm reduction and prohibition
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    There was that guy in mid 20s around my highschool who asked for money to eat and was showing pictures of his siblings and how he is the only one that cares for them etc. so you open your wallet and give him a ten.

    He just says, I saw you have 50 in your wallet, gimme that!

    Being money nazi, just took my ten and said: no money for you!

    I heard that later some guys ganged up on him and gave him good beating for harrasing some woman the same way.
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    Seen too many to believe any, now. Invariably on everyone’s favourite twat zoo, LinkedIn.
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    A guy wanted to stay in a hostel and he needed $20. It was a very cold night. I said that i would pay at the hostel directly and that he could stay on my dime.

    We got there and the hostel lady lules me aside and said “He was banned from every hostel in town. You should not interact with him if you care for your safety.”

    We left then he started threatening to rob me with a knife. I told him I only had a card which was why I wanted to pay the hostel directly. He started getting more agitated so I literally ran away from him. I got away because he had a limp but he was actually quite quick.

    Cool story right?
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    @irene cool and somewhat scary. Good to know you got out of it unhurt.
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    @irene You went with a guy to a hostel... Then when things went south he got hostile... Then you ran so fast you lost all.

    Yeah, last one is a stretch. Good thing he was gimpy.
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    @Demolishun ran fast with no style?
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    Junkie or not, I've found giving essentials like food, water, clothing more helpful to homeless people than raw cash.

    Frankly, not a lot of them are best equipped to manage money. Furthermore, in developing and third world countries, they're often hired by thugs to beg people for money.

    You'll be surprised to know that slumdog millionaire wasn't far off the truth.

    In short, I'll trust my money with charity orgs that will use it to provide amenities in a far more sustainable way
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