Management: Our internal app must be 100% rigid so that we users follow predefined process flows exactly so no mistakes are made while also being 100% flexible so that users are free to go about their business in whatever way they feel is appropriate for their own unique needs. These are the requirements!

Dev: …

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    Those are not requirements.

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    Basically, they want the illusion of freedom.

    "I want you to do all of my decisions for me, but I want to do whatever the hell I want"
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    @SoldierOfCode it sounds like Microsoft/Windows moto. The illusion gets stronger with each version.
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    “You can order whatever you like and I will bring you whatever I want”
    said the barman.
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    well, you can strike some balance if you have a decent ui. it's not 100% freedom, but the path becomes so clear that the user won't stray from it, so i guess freedom doesn't really matter in that case
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    respond by link to Ms Excel/Access, whichever is more appropriate.
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    Build the command line interface first - then add some wizzards for the most common workflows and a generic crud interfaces for fixing mistakes and handling most of the less common workflow deviations.
    The command line is for the non-grunts to solve the remaining edge and fringe cases for the grunts.
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