Company: We were able to save a couple of dollars by purchasing an entire fleet of ipads instead of iphones through our supplier!

Dev: Our users walk around an industrial facility carrying things all day, how will they carry these devices now that they no longer fit in their pockets.

Company: We can get them backpacks!

Dev: …

Dev: did you at least buy protective cases for them?

Company: We have to save money! Don’t worry we told the users not to drop them. Plus none of the old iphones were ever broken so this is a non-issue.

Dev: The iPhones are in cases, they drop them quite a bit.

Company: Oh, well they shouldn’t be doing that!

** They proceeded to buy the cheapest knockoff cases I’ve ever seen. At least one ipad is smashed a week now, backpacks aren’t used because of lack on convenience. All this in the name of seeming to shave off a couple bucks for a one time purchase that didn’t even need to be made, iphones were working perfectly fine. Meanwhile there are glaring issues at the company getting ignored because they get themselves continually distracted by unhelpful pet projects that address things that are not broken and often make them worse.

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    Why does your company buy its users phones and pads?
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    @Floydimus It’s an internal app so our users are also employees. We don’t want them using their personal devices for work.
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    @boombodies okay. Thanks.
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    I love your stories about management. It always impresses me how many facets of stupidity the people around you seem to have.
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    @Lensflare Thanks man! It’s nice to be able to share them with people who can identify how ridiculous it all is. People at this company are so brain washed into absolute helplessness it’s insane. Unfortunately I’m paid very well relative to my experience and credentials so it’s a bit of an undertaking finding a better place to be without taking a sizeable cut to my income/standard of living. In the meantime at least all this hell translates nicely into devRant points 🤷‍♂️.
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    This is straight up magical thinking. Ooga booga, blinking rock smart, move code to blinking rock, bug go away
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    Best money saver would have been making it an Android app. There are some really cheap phones that work fine for this.
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    And here I was expecting to get to the end and the punchline would be “but you cut development time by forcing portrait orientation and the UX is terrible on large format devices”. That’s a conversation I have regularly, unfortunately.
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