Manager: You really shouldn’t be doing that

Dev: It’s in my job description

Manager: Yeah but you still shouldn’t be doing it.

Dev: Who should I hand it off to?

Manager: We don’t have anyone else to hand off that task to.

Dev: Ok, do I stop doing it?

Manager: 😡 Of course not, it needs to get done! I’m just saying you shouldn’t do it.

Dev: ???????????

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    This hurts my head.
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    The open-endedness of this post hurts me 😩
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    For those who find this situation difficult to comprehend...
    The manager expects work and recognition for them sympathizing with the dev. The dev is expected to say, 'Right? But someone has to! I must. Thanks for the talk good buddy manager.'

    Not an acceptable response: 'Yeah I thought the same, I'll mail the team to find the identify the resource and switch to my task'
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    I would making him explain what this means. The ambiguity is bullshit and would cause me stress.

    My boss on the other hand:

    "I need you to work on something tedious and not as fun."

    Turned out it was interesting and just needed done.

    "You did a good job on this." Was his response when I finished it.
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    Manager: I have identified a problem

    Dev: Ok, are we going to fix it?

    Manager: No lol, good chat
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    sounds like the manager was at that moment applying exactly the same "logic" on him talking to you
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    @boombodies 2 days later.

    Manager: Did you fix it?
    Dev: ...
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    When the manager is on the spectrum too.
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    Non tech managers acting like they know everything.
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    Typical waste of air manager conversation that is a bunch of words but doesnt actually mean or do anything
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