Dear Apple, You made an amazing UI but Windows sure does beat you in terms of ease of use.

So my company provided us with Macbooks, I've been a windows users for almost 7-8 years now.

The thing I want to rant about is how we cannot switch between same application windows in full screen.

In Windows, you press tab, voila, the other full screen window. For instance, I want to use 2 google chrome "full" size windows, I cannot just press tab and view the other one, Like whaaaat!
There should be a provision to use the other window of the same application.

The same thins is so easily done in windows machine.

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    option + tab? Or if you have a MacBook three finger swipe on trackpad. Two finger swipe on Apple mouse.
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    RTFM, this is really easy to do
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    Just because you don't know how to do it doesn't mean you can't.
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    "System I'm used to is easier to use than new system"

    Well no shit but that's just experience bias.

    I think macs are buggy pieces of shit (the dev tools and basically any api where you want to do more than the barebones moron example) but the top level os is nicer than windows, like being able to reorder workspaces.
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    The mac decoder is garbage for anything that isn't mov encoded on mac, and even then it sometimes throws in extra frames because lol, decodes variable frame rate from constant rate video, other crap. They wrote the standard for fuck sake, it's their proprietary format.
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    And FCPX has an off by 1 error in its video rendering.

    They ask for 31 pixel wide images, attempt to display as 30 pixel images. Get slanty images.

    That's just amateur.

    Anyway, it's been a long day I should go to bed.
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    Install gentoo
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    It's mac, you can do basically everything with a shortcut except shut down for some reason.

    Also get Magnet, it'll let you snap windows properly and with more options than in Windows
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    There are many general productivity tools for MacOS that are well worth the cost, imo. For window handling, Divvy is brilliant. It allows you to draw window sizes and set local or global hotkeys for various window arrangements.
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    I wouldn't even say they made an amazing UI
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    Look into Hammerspoon. It can be used to add a lot of QoL stuff
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    Command + left/right arrow.
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    @dootlurk not sure if this works in recent versions of macOS (I haven't updated in... a while), but I use the following for shutdown:

    Ctrl+F2 (highlight Apple menu)
    Down arrow (open menu)
    S (highlight shutdown option)
    Enter x2 (select shutdown option and dismiss confirmation dialog)
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