the red haired girl and the blue haired girl.

there was this story about a programmer who spent years studying computer science before finally getting a job.

the dev studied only computer science and was put on blue team after a few days.

a few hours into one of the constant coding sessions, the boss told the devs that red team members and blue team members would be working in pairs.

the person from red team transferred the devs work to their data base without the dev knowing, then locked down the devs computer. the dev could not do anything. later, the dev got fired for not doing any work. after that, the company got millions of dollars, and the dev did not see any of it.

both the dev and the managers made a note not to hire any programmer who cannot secure their work.

it is not ethical to teach people programming without also teaching them cyber security.

computer networking, programming and security should all be the same major.

it is a bad idea to teach people how to build anything without telling them how to secure it.

the story above was just a scenario, but it probably happens way more often than people think.

Schools should teach both things in the same major.

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    Oh, you don't know how to manufacture a cpu? You can't work here.

    Saying certain skills are ubiquitous requirements is stupid.

    I have worked with people that refused to share knowledge or teach people because they thought it made them more valuable.

    It doesn't.

    Enabling others makes you more valuable. Being able to collaborate and work together. Not playing petty fucking power games. Trust me, that company became toxic and failed.
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    Also the devRant tag is for posts about devRant, this is more random or rant.
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    The dev got fired cuz he was an idiot for not escalating the issue when it happened.
    Also, why wasn't his work committed to repo under his name? There are so many things wrong with this story.
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    Dev should've complained to their manager as soon as they lost access to their code. If the story is even slightly true, that's probably the real reason why they got fired. Used the lack of access as an excuse for not working instead of being proactive about solving the problem.

    Also, that's a really shitty process and unnecessarily turns coworkers into bitter adversaries. Dev's lucky he got fired from that hellhole. Red Team Guy probably didn't see any of the "millions" either, just his standard salary and maybe a small bonus for doing more work while his partner supposedly couldn't.

    Welcome to the real world.
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    This is a pretty impressive story for a kid. I wouldn't have known that much about dev life when I was your age.
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