Question for those that switched from Web, Mobile Apps development, Full-stack development to Game development after a year or more:
- Do you regret the change?
- What Game engine do you use?
- What Programming language do you use?

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    Here from app development to game development, and finally resides on web development.

    - Yes only for the time I wasted a whole fucking year, and no because the change was good though
    - Earlier Unity (Now PlayCanvas and Godot)
    - JS
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    I miss game dev.

    I switched from game dev to web dev due to epic burnout, so kind of the opposing what you’re asking.

    I don’t regret it, but I don’t really like web dev. I do adore game dev and watching players have fun and enjoy content and mechanics I created, and get excited over figuring things out, finding new areas, awaiting an expansion, etc. There really is no better feeling.

    We used internal tools mostly, including the engine, and used two languages: C++ and an internal language.
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    no, unity, c#
    will have to look into cocos, though, because what i'm currently doing in unity (not a game, sadly) is supposed to be a webgl thing embeddable to pages, and recently i've learned that unity doesn't guarantee its webgl exports running on phones...

    ... i would love to be purely gameplay programmer, on actual games, idealky my own, i fucking hate all of this platform (in)compatibility bullshit that everything i do turns into.
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    and technically, i started as game dev, all the initial skills i learned were for and due to gamedev, but at that time i was a teen unaware that i could in any way do it "for real", i was just doing it because i enjoyed the process. then i learned the bullshit web tech because everyone just wanted bullshit devs so it was the closest thing i knew about which i could actually earn money doing.

    then it took me 8 years to gradually start coming back to game dev.

    the initial transition from gamedev to bullshit web dev is what i regret.

    i should have remained a stubborn autistic broke loser in my teens and 20s, i'd be much happier and more successful by now, instead of wasting my 20s doing bullshit webdev happy about making some money, and ignorant to how it's burning away all my will to code, create, live, and all my interest in doing anything. but i didn't so i'm a broke-ass loser now, in my 30s.

    fucking cursed bullshit moronic webdev. fuck that disgusting plague of humanity.
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