I’m trying to explain the theory behind ‘Rubber Duck Debugging’ and to be honest, they don’t believe me 😂 they say I’m drunk. Help me out here, who else uses a rubber duck or something similar to help debug code?

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    Mr Duckeh makes great arguments on why the shit faulty code I'm staring at works and doesn't work at the roll of a dice.

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    Just show them the wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... and show them the amount of different translations. Joke articles aren't translated this often.
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    I think it is more about the practice than the theory. Even tho one might feel weird initially it really is a good method of debugging or understanding code.
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    These are my debug buddies :p
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    when i was 10 i started percieving/thinking of my inner monologue as 4 distinct personalities/persons talking to/arguing with each other, so i don't need a physical thing to talk to, i just let those 4 talk to each other in my head.

    or, when things escalate, i talk directly to the code, explaining to it how i expect/want it to work, and why it's making me sad by doing what else instead.

    the prop (or lack thereof) doesn't matter, the point is just talking as you would to someone outside of currently trying to solve the problem, you can just do that, without a prop, same as you often imagine talking to other people.
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    @Midnight-shcode 4 people? And they have distinctive personalities?
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    I explained the situation to my rubber duck and we both agree that you’re drunk.
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    Yeah I do that when there’s no real people to talk to.

    And to be honest my rubber duck talks more sense than the other developers anyway
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