Don't forget, docker desktop will require paid licenses after 31/1/22

Docker Desktop remains free for small businesses (fewer than 250 employees AND less than $10 million in annual revenue), personal use, education, and non-commercial open source projects.

Just a friendly reminder to fuck docker and migrate to a better solution.

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    Sounds reasonable to me
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    CLI anyone...? What would I get from Docker Desktop that I don't get in CLI?
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    they’re winrar of 21st century
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    Has anyone used Rancher? I've been looking for a replacement for docker desktop in my work windows machine.
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    @ScriptCoded I use docker-ce on Linux. It's specifically docker-desktop that is hit by the license changes.

    This is because they have no legal standing to license docker-ce.

    Docker-desktop is required for docker containers to run integrated on Windows and Mac platforms.

    This isn't to say you couldn't install docker-ce on WSL, because you can. Networking and disk mounting can be extremely difficult though.
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    @ScriptCoded CLI-only works fine on Linux, but running containers on Windows or Mac without Docker Desktop is a massive pain in the ass requiring a bunch of workarounds.
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    @sariel @EmberQuill Huh I see. Poor souls :)
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    what better solution to shittx containers is there than shitty containers?
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    @Midnight-shcode you're absolutely right! We should continue to use virtual machines for everything until the end of time!

    And those that can't run on VMs should be run on Solaris or HP-UX!


    If you're a dev and you aren't at least looking into containers, your skill set is dangerously becoming outdated. Even if you work only in OPs, you should STILL know about containers and how to manage them.
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    @sariel why vm?

    There always is lxc.
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    Because fuck people wanted to get paid for the work they did which is being exploited by 7 figure a year corporations to make profit?
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    @kwilliams no. Fuck a company that turned its back on community driven software that is now trying to become a fortune 500 shit stain.

    Fuck a company whose always hated its development community so much that they partnered with Microsoft.

    Did you forget the part where the people who built docker DID get paid? You must have missed the part where they shit all over the community.

    Don't be a shill for Mirantis, they don't need it
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    @sariel how is "free to anyone with less than 250 employees and making less than $10,000,000 a year" turning their back on the community? 🤨
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    @kwilliams the community wasn't just composed of people who worked in 250 or less employee companies.

    At this point I'm starting to gather you're just salty because you either work for Mirantis or you just love sucking the their dick.

    Either way your sense of loyalty is misplaced.
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    @sariel I don't even use Docker Desktop so not sure what you're getting at.

    Just find it wierd to expect someone to work for free when companies are making millions of dollars off your product. 🤷‍♂️
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    @sariel i do know about containers and some basics of managing the docker ones.

    they are a bandage on top of the festering wound that is "every app expects the global environment of the whole server to be set up in a very soecific way, different from how any other app expects it to be set up"
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    @JsonBoa I use rancher at work, it's not the same tool.

    Rancher is a cluster orchestration tool, not for container orchestration. For my local environment I run docker composer, but if you wanted to go the k8s route you could use minikube, it comes with a web interface.
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    @kwilliams the problem is that this was a free product that will now no longer be free. That's it. If they had decided to introduce new features that would cost money, people might have been a little bit salty but they would be over it by now. But instead, they decided to take something that was once free and start charging money for it. That will drive a lot of people to start looking for alternatives, not because they're cheapskates who don't want to pay, but because it's difficult to rely on a product that changes its licensing terms to such a huge degree.
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    @Midnight-shcode keep lying to yourself, one day when it's impossible to find a position that doesn't require some form of experience with containers I hope you remember me.
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    Friendly reminder that Podman is a FOSS drop-in replacement Docker. Awesome community and documentation too.

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    @Lucky-Loek that's a fucking lie.

    Podman is not a "drop-in" solution to docker. The feature parity and command structure is at best 50%.

    Not only, IBM bought redhat and they ripped out support for every other container management service and replaced it with podman. Why? Because they developed it!

    Fuck IBM and their podshit.
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    @sariel oh hmm didn't know that. Worked fine for me last year. Though I usually spin up a dev env in a container and that's about it so was good enough for me.
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    @Lucky-Loek I tried to replace my existing docker setup with podman. I was managing around 30 running containers that consisted of everything from applications, backend services, and databases. These mounted host level hardware like attached USB radios and graphics cards.

    Typical docker and docker-compose commands just didn't work like you would expect. On top of it all, they wouldn't allow you to run any containers with elevated privileges. You couldn't mount devices inside the containers. The biggest pain in my ass, since podman wants you to run these containers on host level users, you cannot ever see a list of all actively running containers. Sure you can see if you su as that user, but even as root you will never see them.

    The most frustrating part of my experience, when I questioned and confronted the dev team on their subreddit about any of the above I was banned.

    Fuck podman.
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    Lima vm and nerdctl will shine in this new era I think

    On linux, docker-ce is still the best thing. On Mac I just switched from a self maintened multipass vm to Lima and never look back.
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    @Midnight-shcode what we really need is *just* isolation or instancing of the global environment, and NOT isolation of the entirety of the system.
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    @Wisecrack the system IS the global environment.

    am i missing something?
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    @Midnight-shcode you are getting in the way of my willful ignorance.

    I didnt come here to learn, darn you!
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