My first serverless experience

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    How the crap did you accrue so much?
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    These decimal and thousand separators really confuse me...
    I like the system 10'000'000.567 way better. Even with some missing pixels, the separators can't get mixed up.
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    Lol. 2 years of time running the thing
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    You need to put run time limits on that bad boy, and setup some cost warnings
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    @Root it was a analytics time recording point. So it was getting hit every 5 sec. And we had over 6000 user online for a whole day.

    Since we had credit this was not a issue. But it's time rethink and just create a VPS server for this.
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    Quite costly I guess
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    And this is the reason i take Colocation on datacenters and manage my own shit.

    You have a flat fee for your entire infra. Serverless providers are IMHO a scam and they set it up exactly this way so you WILL overspend.

    I've been involved in several projects where organizations tihnk the "journey to the cloud" is a painless one... ALL of them failed... and ALL of them overspend their estimated amount by at least a factor of 3.14
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