So I saw a blurb about AlphaCode from DeepMind. I went to look at their website:

What I see is the most insanely detailed spec for code I have ever seen in my life. I haven't even seen college programming problems this detailed before. Most specs "I" get are like one or two sentences long "if" it is even written down. A lot of the time the direction is: write some stuff and we will tell you what we hate. Just figure it out.

So DeepMind is claiming they can produce code as well as the average programmer because they ranked 54% in a coding competition. What a complete misleading claim and absolute bullshit conclusion. I am all for creating new tech around generating code, but this is just to sell snake oil to an idiot manager at a startup.

This is going to lead to some really fucked up rants here at devrant.

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    It probably trained for years just to master that one problem. But yeah, managers will be OOH DONT NEED DEVS and when things go wrong they have unreadable code to debug
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    Prediction: AI coding bubble in say 2030 that requires waves of competent programmers to fix.
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    Maybe a new job specialization will be AI Coder Spec Writer. I can write the code and then transpile to spec.
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    At least it's somewhat teaching managers to specify their cocaine infused, ground-breaking, scalable, "business ideas".

    Maybe even stealing their ideas by feeding them back into the engine, then giving 'em the boot.

    That might be quite ground-breaking and market appealing?
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    You mean a company misleading consumers because they'll financially benefit from it?

    It's like 2005 all over again and all those stupid fucking Dreamweaver fuckers shitting all over the internet. Except this time it's a fucking bot and it has about 1,000,000 times more throughput.

    I don't know what was worse, Dreamweaver or WordPress...

    Dreamweaver rejects didn't know better, while most WordPress devs had drain bamage. I should know, I was one.

    The terrible part about this is that alphacode will continue to "improve" and will never die.
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    I like how you can hover over the code to highlight the part of specs that code pertains to, and none of the highlight actually makes any useful sense =D
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