I think I am going to start doing lets play series for minecraft and post online. I spend a lot of time playing modpacks with my kids and I should just start recording and add audio commentary later. I can compress the video and do speedups for boring parts and cut other segments. If I create a spreadsheet for the modpack and do it by numbers then I can burn through the modpack fast. I like watching lets play series to figure out modpacks. Especially direwolf. However, these lets play episodes are a good 30 to 45 minutes long. I want to play, not watch someone else play. I hate the ones where they don't know how to do the modpack and they don't cut the video. Direwolf does a great job editing his videos. His video is FULL of good content.

If I can get the videos short enough it will keep the attention span of the mass plebes that cannot find their way out of a paper bag. This is definitely catering to the lowest denominator. I can turn my hobby into something useful. I want to try and compress the 30 minute video into 5 to 10 minutes. It will be a minecraft junky playthrough. Maybe add some time lapse stuff too.

I think I should do the playthrough first, reset server and do again with video capture. I want to incorporate comedy into the videos too. Gaming should be fun. I wonder how much space a 30 minutes video will take?

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    Devrant MC server revival anyone?
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    I am thinking of buying another laptop that will run modded minecraft. I have 2 laptops now that will run it, but the third is a POS. I am looking at one similar to my new one for 1300. Thinking of going linux on this, but part of me wants to get win10 pro so I have backup for my work laptop. I don't want to pay the M$ tax of 150. Feeling really twitchy too. Too much coffee I think.
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    Nobody will watch it. There are few successful minecraftstreamers and tons of suckers.
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    I will not watch it.
    If it gives you joy then go for it, doesn't sound to expensive except time.
    If you find your audience great! If not then you probably learn something on the way.
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    @aviophile & @2Fdev2Ftcsh
    "There is a competitive field of few" and ladida.
    A decade ago I went to a sit in with a good bunch of nerds where one's servers got attacked while we were boozing.
    Man, I tell you these monetisation wars go quite a stretch and it appears they are bloody worth it.
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    @scor Talked to my kids about how to do the play through. We are thinking of planning it out and scripting events. We will have our own bases. I will open up my base to anyone can join. Then I will complain as I play and am getting robbed.
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