!dev Employers (or, well, HR) are so judgmental. Every time, they try to burn you with their judgmental torch and ask in a very judging manner: "Ohh, I noticed your life between years x and y wasn't perfect. How do you explain that?" (e.g. having a year off due to depression).

Here's how I explain it: life has its ups and downs; chaos is a fact of life. People aren't going to be perfect. If you're looking at a candidate that has a near-flawless path, then I don't think it's worth hiring that person because their motivation and work ethic are likely different from a seasoned go-getter who struggled and worked years to become good at their field.

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    "I nearly died. Kindly get fucked."
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    I think should be about skills and competence, besides, in various countries is discrimination/illegal to probe about health stuff.
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    Me: I had a gap year and decided to try it on my own as a feeelancer.

    Hr: and how did that end up.

    Me: how do you think it went, Im sitting here with you am I not?
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    "Sabatical year" usually works. Anyways, job interviews are not the moment to fight for setting the world straight. Dance to their music, get the job, move on.
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    We are creators. We make stuff. Thus we are aware of conditions and processes and more than able to take logical conclusions. Add the internet, some news outlets and a bad day or seven to the mix and you have the recipe for depression.

    HR and other non-creative people in similar positions see everyone under high management as "not paying customers, but part of the cost structure". They are NPCs that think everyone else has a life as uneventful as theirs.
    So they get freaked out if they have to listen to someone whose life cannot be summed in up to three bullet points and fifty words or less (actual requirement for an application I've seen).
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