I love job posts made by HR cronies:

"A majority of your time will be enabling development in our React Native app with a large amount of time dedicated to the rest of our stack."

So, if my math is correct... a majority is greater than 50%... but... "a large amount of time" meaning the rest?

Another job post asking for the typical 10x dev

BuT wHy CaNt We FiNd AnYoNe?!?!?! ThErEs NoT eNoUgH gOoD heLP tHeSe DaYs!!!

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    Translated: we have an buggy react native app which displays data from our PHP 5 website. The app is just an packaged browser window and is unusable offline. You will be in charge of the app and the website.
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    @stop haha yep - "our "culture" encourages 50-60 work weeks. no comp time or overtime pay!"
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