Which show do u like better?

1) the office
2) code monkeys
3) futurama
4) game of thrones

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    Futurama is probably my favorite from that list
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    The Office
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    4, 1

    I haven't seen the other two
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    Futurama then GoT - as long as we exclude that season of shit.
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    futurama. clearly. i know every episode by heart.

    the office - i tried watching one episode.

    i forced myself to watch another episode.

    i can't figure out how to find this funny without resorting to hard drugs.
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    Silicon Valley
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    What a random list….
    Futurama I guess
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    futurama is the best
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    0. Halt and catch fire.

    Then -- 1 [the office].

    HCF, however, is the only tv series I've found worth watching more than twice [and rewatching again now for the third time]. Apart from Friends, ofc.
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    Is this a subtle promo for Code Monkeys?

    Never heard about it but now I'm checking it out on YouTube. some kinda cartoon that gives me old time flash vibes.
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    @netikras Agree. Halt and Catch Fire is a favourite both in terms of tech and feels!
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