Want to ask on how you guys overcame your burnout from coding, i think its been so long since i really got into coding like i used to before.

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    I answered this on another rant about two weeks ago.

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    @sariel i honestly feel its so long since i ever enjoyed coding again
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    @sariel That is awesome, but I would start thinking about how to control the woodworking with cnc...
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    @Demolishun I still look at that stuff but it's usually not when I'm burnt out.

    I've actually got a nice set of carving chisels and a solid block of maple I've been carving on for about 20 years now.

    Small, slow, deliberate changes that let me just forget about the world and focus on the satisfying feeling of the steel shaving the wood.

    I'm not any good, and honestly nobody will ever see what I work on but that's what makes it so therapeutic. There's no risk in fucking it up because there's only one person I need to make happy, and that's me.
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    @DevRage sounds like you need your own block of maple.

    Before I got into woodworking I would use cardboard and make things like treasure chests, companion cubes, Mario world stuff. I even designed and built a whole house.

    There's so much you can enjoy in life that's got nothing to do with your career.

    For the longest time I used to tell myself that if I didn't keep learning and honing my development edge that someone would replace me. Thankfully I learned early that I could be replaced as soon as the product I worked on became unsupported regardless of how "rockstar" I was.

    Just take an hour a day, and listen to your inner monologue. Listen to that ego in your head and find out what it needs.

    Good luck!
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    @sariel thanks appreciate this one, i hope more people like you can inspire developers to focus on life than work
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    To not burnout I avoid overtime. If overtime is needed, I say we need to fix the way we plan, not work longer, and get things straight. If deadlines can't change, I discuss scope.

    Someone has to give, and it won't be me.

    This way I afford time for my hobbies as @sariel mentioned, for my loved ones and for doing nothing sometimes.

    In the end, work is just something else something I do, besides the fun stuff.
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    Not really burnout but I overcame insanity by going away from web development.

    I wasn’t surprised to see your stack in your profile. And it gave me instant anxiety.

    Seriously, consider changing your specialization.
    There are many different things that you can do as a dev. And it can make a huge impact on your happiness.
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    @Lensflare what would you recommend?
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    @DevRage I am very happy with native iOS app development right now. But I’ve also enjoyed developing REST services with the newest ASP.NET Core stack (a couple of years ago).
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    @Lensflare honestly i am trying to change techstack now to angular and .net
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    Not sure if burnout but I had a bad case of a coding blockade that I overcame by checking out some shiny new languages

    Sometimes you're fighting your language more than you use it and that gets really tiring really quickly
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    i found out i'm not burned out on programming so much than burned out on the jobs i'm paid for, because they don't contain anything new, interesting, or inspiring. they're just about fighting with the platform/language/libraries.
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