Okay, so get this..

1. I made a hacking simulator in Python2.7
2. I am relatively 6-8k lines in, ready to release EA ALPHA-1.0.0
3. I try to do a test build, and am flooded with errors.
4. I do research into the errors, and apparentally I coded my game in a way that makes it imposible to compile, and have to start over
5. Rages, Crys, and downloads this app.

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    Welcome to devrant
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    @kaqqao It's python.. You don't have to compile it to test it, only to ship it. And i don't have to trash every-single-line, just like 70-90% which is still ALOT
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    @kaqqao I made the mistake of splitting the script into several scripts for "Dynamic, Relative Importing" to drastically increase performance. This works great normally; each script is made up of a specific part of my game. And each one is only imported when part of it is needed. This makes the game load instantly, and removes any sort of lag from the game entirely! But... Also makes it so that i can't compile the game (and so i can't ship it without the user having to install python) so i need to do a major re-write to make it compile-friendly.
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    @kaqqao and also my re-write "fix" will introduce loading time's to that game.. *sighs*
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    What are you using to compile?
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    @strang3quark If you know how to help, i would really appreciate it!
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    Yeah, pyinstaller is the only python 3 packer that worked for me. But pyinstaller isn't a compiler; your code is compiled to python bytecode whenever it is run, whether from an import or from just running the file. Pyinstaller uses the standard compiler to compile your code and whatever libraries you use and packages it into a portable executable. Since it has the standard library in it, the excecutable doesn't need the python interpreter to be installed on a machine to run. All the excecuatble does is extract the interpreter and bytecode into tempoary storage and run it.
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    Python 2.7? God noooooooooooooooo
    Please move to 3.
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    @Cyanite release it for Linux users? Python is in the kernel!
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    @starless Huh? What part of the kernel is written in python? The kernel is mostly in C with a bit of assembly. Are you thinking about many parts of default installations linux that depend on python?
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    Pleaassssss go to 3 :'(
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    @Cyanite I used cx_freeze (for an admittedly very simple script) abs that eat extremely easy, grabbed a 6 line config from stackexchange.
    Can you release it for us as is?
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    @amsghwdp do you think people are willing to install python? The game is Minimal, this literally the first EA (pre?)ALPHA release.
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    @starless Sorry, alot of it depends on windows. I do plan on making it cross-plat later though.
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    @theothergod 3 seems so different x.x
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    @Cyanite I used py2exe to "compile" python software and it always worked for me
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    @strang3quark Will that work with Dynamic Imports (across multiple directories)? If not, I'm at square one still.
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    @Cyanite I'm not sure what you're asking. I recommend to use Pyinstaller. It should work fine as long as you have a single main script that imports and runs everything. I don't think that directories matter in this case. If for some reason you have to manually specify imports or file assets take a look at how to make a custom spec file: https://pythonhosted.org/PyInstalle...
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    Welcome to debRant
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    @anekix You say that like i know nothing about Python. It's not that. I just know nothing about pyinstaller/py2exe/cx_freeze.
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    Relevant post to the game in question;

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    @Cyanite I'd say a fair few devrant users will have systems with python pre-installed
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    What the hell did you do to get to 1000++ in 5days?
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    Idk.. If i had to guess, it's the second item in my aboutme.

    Or me getting everyone hyped over my game. ^~^
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    "ready to release ALPHA 1.0.0" that's the right attitude!!! 😂
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    This is why when working with bigger projects, you always need to plan.. design patterns aren't there just for fun.. you should take it as a lesson :-)
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    Yeahhh... I'm actually trashing the project for now, (well, trashing what I have done) and I am going to sit down and figure out what it is I want, and how I can achieve it.

    I'm going to try and put together a team this time around and NOT set myself up for failure.

    Honestly, I'm not good at planning things..
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    @Cyanite I would install Python for it no sweat.. you can release and then fix for v2 and you might get some feedback by then you can add into 2.0 that you wouldn't have possibly had. 👌🏼
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    This post is old. I'm already very far into the development of the Java version of the game. You can download it at:

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    Commenting bc I'm really interested to play this game once you sort the bugs out!
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    Let me clear some things up.

    This version of the game is no longer being developed.

    The game is being rebuilt in Java.

    You can download the game using the link in my comment above, or message me on Telegram (@TheCyaniteProject) and say "I want to participate in the itch.io testing." to get a key to download the game from the http://itch.io game store.

    The Java version is not as far along as the old Python vetsion, but it's alot prettier to look at, and I think it will be alot better in the end.

    Here's a WIP screen shot:
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