Welcoming ReactXP from Microsoft
Because JavaScript needs a new framework 😒

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    Seems legit to be honest. Their reasoning in why they created the library makes sense. It is based on react, it's not a completely new framework. It just acts like a wrapper around the UI so you can create one UI and run it on any device whereas in React Native you need to create an UI for each target system.
    I am looking forward to try it out!
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    @SirWindfield that I agree with. But I'm ranting because I recently started learning JavaScript, and React JS, so seeing this made me speechless 😓
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    @gitpush ye, but this framework is mostly focused on mobile :D
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    @SirWindfield great! I hope it makes things easy.
    If I may ask, I came across a course for teaching ReacjJS and Flux, do you recommend it?
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    @gitpush sure. Egghead.io has some courses for free about react. But I would go straight to redux instead of Flux. A course is available there too about it. Redux is imo a lot smoother to use and matches react better then pure Flux
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    @SirWindfield great. I'll check egghead.io. and this is what I have for this course what do you think?
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    @gitpush sounds good! Gimme 5min, I watched a great talk hold by the creator of redux. It made so much things clear to me.
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    @SirWindfield thank you so much for your help hope I can make the best out of it 😀
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    Well let's see if that XP naming helps ...
    Windowsxp the best.
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    @thisizram windows 10! Direct x12 best!
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    Xamarin for Web Devs

    But consensus is React beat Angular?

    Now its time for Cordova vs Electron vs ReactXP?
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