Work life balance. Ever heard of it?

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    Wtf, who is asking such questions???
    My rusty axe is ready...
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    Depending on country, that's bound to be illegal. But hey, 100 hours with 60 deemed as overtime (2.5x hourly rate) I'll do it for a month, that's easy money before burnout sinks in.
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    I don't even get it... 100 hours, that's over 14 hours a day, giving up weekends as well.

    A human needs ~8 hours of sleep, about an hour for meals, and probably another hour for pooping, showering, getting dressed, doing 20 jumping jacks to keep your muscles from falling apart, etc.

    You would literally need to live in a work cubicle with a sleeping bag, order takeout food, and wash your ass in the office kitchen sink if you worked 100h/w.

    I mean, I couldn't even do the stuff I LOVE doing for 100h/w.
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    168 hours in a week
    - 8 hour asleep a day

    112 hours

    - 7 hours for toilet breaks
    - 30 minutes for meals a day

    101.5 hours

    - 1.5 hours for Netflix per week.

    = 100 hours

    You have to sleep, shit, and eat in that chair, and can not move... but it's possible.
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    I also find it kind of funny, one of my coworkers (€55k/y) left the company to go work in the US for more than double the salary ($135k/y).

    Then he came running back after 3 months, because no one told him he would also be swapping his 32h workweek for a 60h one.
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    You could of course multitask by drinking that gross slurry soylent stuff popular in silicon valley, eliminating at least the pee breaks by using diapers, taking a nap after crying on the shower floor, simple stuff like that.
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    @bittersweet If the pay is good enough you could even employ a nurse to change your diaper while you continue coding.

    Or just go all the way and let her insert that medical pee plumbing thingie and use a good old fashioned bed pan.
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    they didn't even make you work that much in the industrial revolution, wtf
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    @darksideofyay πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this made me laugh. Thanks
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    Maybe they discard those who say yes because they are liars or too stupid…
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    @darksideofyay “Industrial Revolution” sounds like a Daft Punk album.
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    @C0D4 yes if it's an office job where you just get paid for your presence. But programming requires your intellect and you run out of it just after 6pm
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    @bittersweet that’s a very good point I think a lot of people miss: You have to watch your per hour earnings when working in IT. Companies love to throw 20+% more money at you *per year* but generally conceal the weekly hour commitments knowing that you’ll assume 40hr per week (in the US at least). The free labor companies get out of salaried IT workers is insane.
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    @fiftyhz that's straight up illegal here. 40h a week is a maximum, more than that is paid as extra. you guys need labor laws
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    @darksideofyay agreed! It’s funny how companies tip-toe around the on-call support requirements of a job here when there’s not on-call pay. “Well, you’re on-call and that’s part of the job. You don’t get on-call pay, and you don’t need to stay home 100% of the time when on-call but you need to be able to respond to calls in a reasonable time frame”….basically, if you are locked to your home office while on call then they have to pay you. If they are “flexible” in their description, then it’s part of your salary.
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    Yeah here (NL) it's hard capped at 60h/week...

    But there's a whole bunch of extra rules -- Like no more than 48h/w average over 16 weeks, every 14 days must have at least 3 free days, you're not allowed to keep an employee "on-call" for more than 14 out of every 28 days, etc.

    And the fine for attempting to make employees work more... €45000 per employee, per day.
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    @bittersweet 40h/week here without paying extra. they actually prefer at work if people aren't doing extra hours, it's a real cost
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    ... and a bittersweet reminder.

    In US and other countries you have to provide your healthcare and your pension by yourself.

    Plus necessary insurance fees for e.g. disability insurance etc.

    Meaning you work extra, risk your health, which makes the monetary risk even greater due to health care costs.

    Reason why I always emphasize to think twice before you sign a contract and talk about the contract with a lawyer.

    If you are 40… Incapable of working due to PTSD / burn out.. then you're in a country with no welfare program homeless.

    Pretty big gamble for no benefit at all.
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    @darksideofyay that sounds like communism to me. You wouldn't want to be a communist, would you? Don't you like freedom? πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²
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    @ars1 yes, love me those 4 hours of freedom a day
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    hmm in around 4 months you can earn as much as you would in a whole year working from 9 to 5. Still it is not worth to do that :D
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    @PonySlaystation *God of war mode activated*
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    @AlwaysSceptical sounds like crab boating to me.
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