What I should do:
- organise my files
- make a pp presentation for English that I haven't even started
- learn for a test about insurances
- learn about characterising, processing and evaluating data
- more shit

What I do:
- browse devrant
- play games
- flash a new ROM until I find a good one
- restore a backup
- flash another ROM
- restore a backup
- go with the least worst ROM I had installed
- sleep
- sleep
- sleep
- sleep

At least I completely blocked YouTube...

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    You didn't customise in between? That's what I do.

    New ROM
    Look for better ROM
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    Prezi all the way
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    @A-0-C ok I forgot to document that step

    See? Im Bad at documenting stuff...

    I tried Marshmallow ROMs for Xposed btw
    I also tried nougat ROMs

    All ROMs Start acting up against me after some time...

    Ah yeah, currently I'm randomly getting "YouTube has crashed" even though I disabled the app...
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    I really want Xposed but I really can't give up nougat.
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    @enen I didn't bother with logs, and I tried clearing its data, what I'm trying right now is, I've reactivated YouTube, I'll see if it crashes again

    But maybe I should check the logs...
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    @Florens I know, it's a pretty hard decision, but I was able to find a ROM wich is Marshmallow, and has the features of nougat, its actually a port of the note 7s OS, it was nice until it crashed...
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