Hey everyone! As many of you have already seen, we just finished rolling out a new feature that allows you to subscribe to specific users! This feature sends you an in-app and push notification whenever anyone you subscribe to posts a new rant. You can subscribe to a user from the button in the top right of their profile or one of their rants.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

P.S. apologies to those who already subscribe to my rants and got a notif before for a test rant I created. I forgot we had subscribe now :)

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    Huh, I subscribed FOR your test rants :P
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    @dzil123 Make a comment and delete it afterwards
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    @filthyranter That really works?!?
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    Looks awesome, subscribing to you now :P
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    Will we be able to see how many subscribers we have? Will people know if we subscribe to them?
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    @Christine Yes yes this please
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    IMHO we shouldn't be able to, and by design so. This should be purely convenience thing, not popularity-opinion-making-twitter-ish pissing contest.
    At least I wouldn't want it to be...
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    Yeah, I both want that feature for validation, and don't for exactly that reason, and because it sort of changes motivations and has some unexpected ethical issues. Think dfox et al should listen to this podcast before pulling lever either way.

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    The changelog of v2 of my unofficial UWP client is becoming very long... 🙈

    Good work!

    P.S. @dfox: when you have time, remember the email you have to send me. 😊
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    @Arlekin @dfox I'm thinking this too... I know our community is a great one. But I'm a bit worried that the desire to increase one's followers will make people post less rants and more memes... Just my 2 cents... 😊
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    We have no plans to let you see how many subscribers you have and definitely no plans to allow you to see your subscribers as part of the feature is being able to subscribe without the person knowing.

    As for subscribing to a rant, we plan to add that too but there's no timeframe right now since the workaround is simple (just leaving a comment).

    @JS96 will do, waited a little because I want to get some other stuff in the email, will reach out soon.
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    Hi @dfox this might have been asked before, but I think it would be nice if people had like a "playlist" of rants where certain rants can be added to. This way people can organize rants they really, really like and save them for later giggles and luls.

    Great app! Keep on developing! :)
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    @filthyranter @linuxxx that doesnt work. I tried it.
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    @stop Aww, too bad, the only social network where that doesn't work.
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    to subscribe to a rant just leave a spycam

    like this

    • <- NSA Class Spy Camera to watch posts
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    @dfox hello, do you plan to create a REST API?
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    There is already a rest api.
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    @stop could you share a link to docs
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    There are no official docs but try to learn from this: https://github.com/RekkyRek/.... this is the best readable code i found in this short time.
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    @dfox Great work and I appreciate your efforts and love​ devrant! Keep it up!
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