I feel like whenever they are pretending you need to know all the patterns by memory, testing you on that, it's a nonsense and it even makes me stop wanting to enter the place.

Im not supposed to know them instantly, i use tools like the internet. Test my ability to solve problems, comnunicate, work in groups, but, specific stuff by memory? Why?

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    The design pattern crap is just buzzwordy BS anyway.
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    Use tools like the internet 😂 you killed me
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    I'd say be sure you know what mvc is because it comes up so early when you're doing a ui based app. Other than that knowing other design patterns is useful eg factory methods but not important.
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    Yeah, knowing some stuff like "SELECT * FROM Users" by memory doesn't seem as a key reason to hire someone, also recently a recruiter asked me to do some responsive design with vanilla css, because his company didn't use a pre processor, in my mind I was like: "SRSLY???" I know vanilla css, but why wouldn't you use Sass or Less, Why??
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    Hahaha not only why dont they use a preprocessor, but asking someone to remember media queries, syntax, etc, is unbelievable. As an alternative i'd ask the person to explain me how he/she would do it, in a paragraph or just speaking. But implementation in interviews... usless from my point of view, unless its pseudocode just to see the reasoning @IrvArmenta
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