wish can do coding in fix hours :(

Learning react .. just took one cup of tea in morning.. and dang its 8pm :( No idea about the time.. react giving me hard time. maybe am newbie ..

Hope so I learn this Single Page application

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    I respect React so I will give you this cup of tea for your effort: 🍵👌 there you go
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    Your own health should be your first priority. You'll also be less productive if you don't take breaks.
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    It's difficult. Try to set a time for each task in the day.

    - [ ] React: 2h

    - [ ] JS: 1h

    - ...
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    If your fundamentals aren’t strong, you will have hard time with any library or framework. freeCodeCamp can help you with your fundas.

    However, if fundas are not a problem, then just give React a little more time. It will just click one day and then it will be a piece of cake.
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