Having a vacation in Italy ATM. Walking around Naples, hoping to see beautiful things, but.. So far the only thought spinning in my head is


Jesus, how can people live in a dump like this. A full GC is loooong overdue!

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    Wow, I searched on "is naples trashy". Nothing positive came back. I wonder if naples in like san francisco in the usa? SF is disgusting now.
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    @Demolishun "US is disgusting now."

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    @sariel and yet you people flock here by the thousands.
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    @sariel Not everywhere, but it isn't going in a great direction.
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    @Demolishun theres common patterns in the shit cities
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    @Stuxnet you people?

    I've lived here my whole life.

    I'm speaking as an American who has witnessed roving packs of wild dogs through metropolitan city centers and attacking homeless men.

    I have seen so much trash blowing through the streets that you could assume that a garbage truck blew up.

    I have seen those same streets cleaned, and the dogs captured and adopted out.

    It's quickly going back to how it was 30+ years ago.

    I love this quote because of how sadly true it is, "The American dream didn't die, it came true."

    Corporate interests aren't interested in the enrichment of society, and America is very much a corporation.

    Welcome to America™ fuckers.
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    @sariel ahh you’re one of those retards who bitches and moans like you have it oohhhh so bad. Gotcha
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    @Stuxnet I have it pretty good.

    But I don't have it nearly as bad as a contrarian like yourself.
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    @Demolishun depends on what you mean by "positive" :)

    I'll be back in Naples in a few days. Will take a photo for you.

    Other cities I've already visited are clean. But Naples....... Oh boy.. :o
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    Mind you "System.gc();" doesn't necessarily gc.
    This appears to apply to Naples as well
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    @netikras was it that much snow in Lithuania last winter
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    @electrineer not particularly, no. Why? [I don't follow where's this qn of yours is coming from]
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    @netikras your mom's fb photo 😶
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    @electrineer she's not my mom :) and it's a photo from a long ago ;) ahh, what a nice February it was...
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    Like @electrineer said :

    As a business.
    People get shot every night.
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    @scor how does mafia enforce teenagers to leave their trash where they walk/sit/drive?

    I understand Camorra played a role what, 40-10 years ago? But I didn't see trucks dumping trash in the streets yesterday... Instead I saw locals dropping litter where they stand, w/o even bothering to walk those 14 steps to the nearest container. Soo.. How is mafia playing a role on teenagers today? How are the citizens forced to litter?
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    It's just the very core of the business for Mafia to have hold of the Unions and most certainly of the garbage and "recycling" world.

    Millions of metric tonnes of waste get "carried away" every year.
    There are literally farmers complaining that their fields suddenly have too high radioactive radiation levels, then they disappear, forever.

    And if a worthy opponent appears, the rubbish is just not collected throughout the summer season. Of cities. No matter what scale.
    Only to show off who's got the power.

    And that's the Mafia. A fully functioning body of the public. Just "not governmental" 1%.

    Why would anyone throw their waste in bins if it didn't get collected anyway.
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    Oh dear, wait to see Rome...

    6millions of people without a proper rubbish dump since 2011.

    Napoli has had a huge scandal about street garbage, but Rome... Rome *is* the scandal. And yes, near monumento too!
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    @dmonkey Really?? :o Thanks for a heads-up!
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