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    *pokes the belly button "

    Breathe darling, breathe.
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    @AmyShackles Better.

    Congratulations and I hope everything goes well :thumbs pressed:
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    Not sure if this is an AHHHHHHHH moment or a YEEEEEEEEEEE moment...
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    @PonySlaystation Can it be both? 😂
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    big congrats
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    gz++! :)

    also, good to hear that UI didn't turn horrible 😂
    #horribleUI #fullscreen #devrant
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    @soull00t wow wow wow, that is pretty Epic!
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    @PonySlaystation or a YEE HAA moment
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    Congrats Amy, huge step in life!

    “How your house works” is my favourite home maintenance book that has saved me thousands in contractors/repairs. Highly recommend for first time home buyers.
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    Great moment in life :)
    Now put some money apart just for the maaaaaany house warming purchases! Drapes, rugs, table, sofa, 1337 home office, dinner chairs, tasteful garbage bins, TV and coat rack... stuff you might be unable to bring with you.
    Welcome to the landowner club!
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    @soull00t Oh no! I was wondering if my inconsistent line length was going to bite me. 😅
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    @IntrusionCM @netikras @matt-jd @soull00t @JsonBoa Thanks, friends!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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    @boombodies Thanks for the book recommendation! I’m both excited for and wary of future DIY projects. 😂
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    @AmyShackles Lol, just remember you don’t have to do everything yourself but a diy light switch and dishwasher repair here and there over the years adds up savings quick.

    Garage door springs? Always a professional unless you have a death wish
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    @boombodies Hilariously, while this is the first time we’re going through the house buying flow, we inherited a house once and DEFINITELY learned the garage door spring lesson already.

    Also, don’t let my husband hear that it’s okay to try to fix a dishwasher because the house we’re buying has a broken one and he already has a mind to try to fix it himself. 😂
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    @AmyShackles Dishwashers are often simple fixes but when they’re not it’s worth involving a contractor.

    “How your house works” has a good triage system in it for what things you should try first before calling someone.

    No sense spending $100 for someone to remove an easily reachable pistachio shell from an intake.
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    @AmyShackles Feel free to make a machine debugging post :D
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    @bubblegumPOP Thanks! ❤️
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    Wow, you’re so adult. I can’t even imagine buying a house. Congratulations
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    @kiki If I’m being honest, I wasn’t seriously thinking about it until my current apartment pulled the ol’ “SURPRISE! We’re constantly looking for ways to improve your experience, so we’ve decided to roll out the benefit of smart locks!” That no one asked for, no one wanted, and no one could opt out of. That hilariously was just the impetus we needed to be like “Fuck it. Do we have enough money to make a down payment on a house?”
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    @AmyShackles what a power move to make, over "mere" smart locks installation!

    I said it in a sense that in my depressive phase, and, honestly, in all phases, it's really really really hard for me to kinda... expand my scope, bring something "impossible" (that only feels like this) into my life. I feel stuck most of the time.

    In order not to leak any details, can you tell me the ratio between your monthly income and that first payment?
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    @kiki It’s kind of hard to know for sure yet since we haven’t closed and the terms aren’t set in stone, but I think it’s only going to be $300 or so a month more for the mortgage than what we’re currently paying for rent/pet rent/parking, but our rent was also going to go up in September by about $300 if we renewed our lease at the apartment, so… 🥹
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    @AmyShackles wow. in russia, with that kind of increase over rent, you'll be buying a really cheap, crumped flat with thin walls, on the outskirts, in one of those new houses that have 35–40 stores or so, with 50+ percent interest over 20 years.
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    @kiki Haha, yeah, if you have the temerity to opt for a month to month instead of a year lease, the rent goes up $700 a month. It’s gross.
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    @boombodies @AmyShackles

    I've owned this house for 15 years now, and learned the hard way that I should leave roofing, tiling and plumbing up to contractors.

    Carpentry and electricity is all good, but anything related to water, not so much.
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    @bittersweet Yup. And if you can find a contractor that actually shows up, knows what they’re doing, and also actually does it?

    Treat them like the 2nd coming of Jesus.
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    @boombodies I don't think that crucification is a good payment model.

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    @IntrusionCM That was the first coming. 2nd coming we say “sorry 4 teh misunderstanding breh” and take instagram selfies with the guy instead
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