Company has me giving interviews and today brought the second "Sr JavaScript Developer" that's gotten past multiple people that can't even construct a fucking "for" loop.

Get the fuck out of here... And those excuses at the end trying to explain your "industry experience" just annoy me further.

If I have to smile, thank, and shake another one of these fucktards hands, I'm gonna scream!

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    Interviews = prospects.filter(function(p){return p.knowsTheLanguage();});

    Don't ya wish šŸ˜
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    @ObsidianBlk Problems happen when they override the object.

    let me = prospects.find(p => p.name === 'Nathaniel');

    me.knowsTheLanguage = () => {
    return true;
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    @nblackburn really? Because, if they could do that, wouldn't that mean they'd need to... Know the language? šŸ˜
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    @ObsidianBlk That is basic shit wrapped in ES6 sugar, i wouldn't call that knowing the language.
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    @nblackburn still more experience than a for loop
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    @ObsidianBlk Only just but i will try and write shitter code next time...
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    One was asked to dedupe numbers in an array... He just froze. Mentioned the word "loop", he just said "I don't know". The other was asked to write a loop and he just scribbled "for()" with a bunch of indecipherable scribbles inside the parens.

    I wish I was exaggerating... I've had some less than ideal candidates but this fucking takes the cake. Or how about the one guy, when asked to describe equality and logic operators, gives a 10min textbook style rant about the history of JavaScript and MVC. When asked again, he didn't have an answer. He also couldn't elaborate on a single thing he said previously.

    Fucking resume boosting agencies sending people through like cattle.
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    This bothers me so much, these things they couldn't answer and the bare basics you learn Day 2 of programming ANYTHING. They both claimed over 5+ years experience coding, made excuses, and came in to interview for senior level roles. I wouldn't even consider these guys for unpaid internship because they're dishonest on their resume making them unsuited for hire when the work concludes.
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    @Neotelos i.... I can do for loops.... Can i have a job?
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    @polaroidkidd @Neotelos I would like a job as well! Haha
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    If you hire remotely... haha
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