I may have fucked up my wrist by coding too much 😢 now I have to let it rest. I really hope it's gonna be okay soon.

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    Be well mate
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    I got one of those magnetic bracelets. I know it's just bullshit, but it actually worked. For me it was my mouse hand wrist that was painful.
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    I'm not even 30 yet and cannot use a mouse. My elbow will hurt after a few hours.
    So i got one of them mousetrappers. Hadn't had a problem since
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    @eldamir a mousetrapper seems like a good option. Thanks for sharing that.
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    @helloworld worth a try I guess 😊
    I've already ordered a wrist splint to help my wrist relax a bit. Really hoping it'll help with the pain
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    @dreik no worries. They are a bit pricy but great to work with. Also switched keyboard to some cheapass junk with softer keys. My gaming keyboard had me press down too hard. No good for typing. Also affected the elbow 🙃
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    There are special sites for exercising your wrist. For instance pornhub
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