Our app navigation graph looks like this

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    Forgot the notification entry points....
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    I wish everywhere had lines like this with no rail strikes (or no reason to rail strike anyways)
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    @pandasama it is nice to have well developed public transportation. But seeing map of too well developed transportation is nightmare.

    I don't know how people ride subway before smartphone became norm and app calculated transfer.
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    I hope your parents taught you that.

    Plus how to read a map.

    Before anyone gets the wrong idea - I'm dead serious. It's one of the things that should be common knowledge and I'm always terrified when e.g. going camping and realize that in a group of 20 people only 2 are able to read a map....

    ... After all, a train map is just that. A map.

    If you don't know how to read a map, please - learn it asap.
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    @IntrusionCM I can do it, I just don't like it.
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    @miladiashe :)

    That's okay. Have some 🥞
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    @miladiashe it is hard to find two points if unfamiliar with the map that's true but eventually gets better I think (was like that with London tube+overground map before)
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    r/fuckcars would love this.
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    There's a similar image for all the microservices that are used to show fang homepages, is very pretty
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    @atheist "look at our complex network of microservices, we obviously are very smart since more service and more complex= more smart right??" I hate how companies jump on microservices without understanding if they actually need it
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    @pandasama I mean, when it's FAANG, I kinda get it, it does allow separation of knowledge and when you're serving millions, if not billions of users per day, it's necessary.

    That said, I actually kinda like microservices, but there's a lot of boilerplate to get them set up.
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    @atheist @pandasama

    The thing is... No one explained micro services.

    There is no standard guideline, no recommendations, nothing.

    Many pretend to do micro services... I cannot claim knowing what a micro service should be, but I don't think that what many people pretend to implement as a micro service is actually an micro service.

    Most often it's a clusterfuck of architectural misdecisions.
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    @IntrusionCM An underground map has about as much to do with a map as a hashmap does. Geometry is neglected, nearby stations connected by a pedestrian tunnel are joined even though walking that tunnel takes longer than riding 5 statiins, travel times and approximate frequencies are nowhere to be found. If I didn't have an app, on the map of a city like London my efficiency would be below 50% simply because the map tells me so little about the important metrics of my choice of route
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    I wouldn't say you are entirely wrong...

    But one part why I think map reading is a very important skill to learn is because it teaches visual abstraction.

    Any map is 2D. Any route pointed out on a map is useless unless you visualize the information given by the map and start thinking about what makes sense.

    A map doesn't show you a way. It shows you information. What you make of the information is entirely up to you.

    Most underground maps do the exact same thing. They are a scale drawing if done correctly....

    Now my original comment was: **Plus** reading a map.

    Without some form of map or image in your mind the route network is too low in information.

    You need the tram information, the map as a guideline and the route information.

    To rephrase my comment: I hope parents teach their kids how to read such maps and put the dots together by visualizing it - *plus* reading a map in general (geographic information, compass etc) as you require the visualization skills to put all the information together.

    Visualization skills are extremely useful - and much needed imho.

    Plus... People running around with their eyes glued on a smartphone really see nothing when traveling.

    Which is the saddest thing in my opinion.

    Getting lost and finding back is one of the most joyful tourist activities I do.

    Sometimes unintentionally. :)
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    @IntrusionCM I agree but at the same time, microservices aren't a new concept. "Do one thing and do it well", aka Linux cli tools. Getting the separation right is hard, getting the architecture right is hard.
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    Is it or did you hand some markers to the local schizophrenics in the mental ward ?
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    Playing Mornington Crescent on hard mode
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    How fun
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