JavaScript, known as Java for short...

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    Oh dear..... I can already see some poor barely-capable graduate is gonna have an even worse time than usual barely-capable graduates
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    Lol, 'Microsoft Viseo'. And directly after 'ability to pay close attention to detail' xD
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    Is Java is short for JavaScript, than is C short for C#?
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    Omg.I think the shortlisted applicants are going to go through alot of bullshit in that interview.if they have any shortlisted applicants.or applicants at all.i can only imagine the interview.
    First question:Do you know javascript aka Java for short
    Interviewee:Java is not equal to javascript
    Interviewer: YES IT IS!!
    Interviewee:I'm leaving aka go fuck yourself for short.
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    Hahaha God.
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    Holy fuck that's cringy
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    I only hope it was an hr person who wrote this and not a head of IT.
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    Well that's just painful, but why would you even need to explain what JavaScript is? Wouldn't you only want people who know what it is to apply for the job?
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    I am done with programming
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    Give me 100k plus /month with a remote work possibility and I'll let you call JavaScript whatever you want.
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    Oh God, reading this hurts
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    "The ability to pay close attention to details"
    May this be a test or may not?
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    Old Internet saying: "Java behaves to JavaScript like a car behaves to a carpet"
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    Seems like the job description is compiled not interpreted... an essay
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    "Compensation Type: Paid"
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    I just forcibly removed my eyeballs because of that.
    Now I have to set up a screen reader... :(((
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    console.log ("facepalm");
    Exception in thread main java.lang.Error: unresolved compilation problem: console cannot be resolved
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    I am a Photoshop workflow specialist with 20 years of experience with CSS3, I have build a lot of PHP database with MVC query. My favorite web server is FrontPage. Do I qualify for the interview?
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    @Codebeard you should try some java in your chrome console. Maybe it works the other way around? 😂
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    @sebgignac Sure.
    System.out.println ("facepalm");
    x >Uncaught ReferenceError: System is not defined at <anonymous>:1:1
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    @Codebeard 😂😂😂🖒🖒
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    Stopped reading on Java for short...
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    It gave me palpitation, a huge headake and a veins explodes in the brain.
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    @sebgignac But do you know JavaScript aka Java?
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    Same thing as carpet but car for short
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    @creator I know all JavaScript brackets including the ending </> one
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    Owwwee, it hurts my eyes so much
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