So this is kinda hard to talk about but.. I finally got to a point in my career where I don't have a boss, work remote, make my own schedule etc.. problem is .. I am very low on productivity I feel like I'm working maybe 1/10th of my capacity and although Yea this may sound dream-like .. it gets old and I'm realizing that I used to excel at my last job for my boss.. I wanted to please him in every way for validation and acceptance..

Yea that's dysfunctional as fuck .. so basically how the hell do i use my own mind to drive my excellence? I'm so lost and don't really know how to find the motivation that people pleasing once brought me..

For some context as well, I have also done a lot of psychedelics over the past couple years and it has basically destroyed my ego .. "but that's a good thing" you say?

Well yes and no, I used to rely on my ego to drive me on my own in lieu of wanting acceptance and validation from my boss. So that was a bit unexpected, getting rid of my ego got rid of my dysfunctional drives to prove myself to others and seek acceptance..

Gahh I'm ranting :'D

TL;DR: how do you motivate yourself if you've traditionally found motivation through pleasing others???

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    I don't. I just do my job and use my free time to do whatever I want: reading about tech things while on clock, doing my own stuff after eod.

    Why bother...
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    @netikras I'm not getting my job done at an acceptable rate either imo
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    people need stimulation, specially in creativity driven fields like development. it's better to have people around you, go somewhere different, do something different. just staring at the computer is not gonna make you want to do more
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    @darksideofyay this is very true. I try to mix it up a bit when my productivity is shot.
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