I told these people that this issue would happen. Did they listen? Nooo

It'll be fine, they say. We likely won't be having that much data returned to the front end, they say.

Day of the install. Web Application attempts to query 68,000 rows of data straight into the web page.

*Surprised Pikachu face* when they are consistently getting crashed browser tabs.

And now everything gets pushed back and we're behind by an entire month because they didn't heed my warnings.

Oh, and now I have to pick up after them, and do some stupid work arounds that will likely be defunct in a month or two. 🙄

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    The trick is to tell them and go on holiday
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    Change job once deployed
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    @masterwayne just got offered a new job and it will be a WordPress site... Am I better for it? I've no idea.
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    @iSwimInTheC depends. Most WordPress jobs are a fucking nightmare because developers did a shit job on building components. Take the job if you want to leave the other shit show, but look for something else in the meantime.
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    I’ve quit over this shit before. There are jobs out there where people actually respect you, listen to you, and even let you lead. It took me a long ass time and many attempts to find one.
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