Client's IT department is fine about giving me a laptop for exclusive access to their VPN, security reasons, etc. Ok, fine I get it.

But they do not want to give me a Linux machine - only Windows!

How am I supposed to get shit done.

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    Shell into Linux machine?
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    Fucking hell.

    But i guess the only solution is either WSL or a VM
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    The age of entitlement never seems to get old.

    Hur mer gawd it's a windowz machine.
    If only something exists to run a distro on it.
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    Devs should be able to get shit done regardless of the OS.
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    @C0D4 Depends.

    I won't touch a Windows machine.

    For the simple reason that I use Linux since 20 years plus.

    I literally can't work with Windows.

    Every two to three months I maybe boot Windows to play a game, but that's it.

    It has come to the point that I _require_ in the work contract to have free choice of hardware and OS - plus the explicit clause that I am not required to do support.

    The simple reason behind it: I'm tired of it.

    I'm really really really really tired of it.

    There were not many job interview where the company said "No we won't do this".

    Working with Windows or looking at someone working with Windows is ... Painful.

    It's like watching a cooking show with beginners and one scratches the great sharp knife across the cutting board. It hurts. Then they pour like 200 ml of lemon juice and 2-3 table spoons of salt in a dressing - ruining everything. Feeling especially sad for all the ingredients.

    It's just painful and hideous.
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    @bioDan sure I can, but to get double the time?

    I'm packaging a python module and frankly only the windows version is a headache.

    Only in linux is ssh straightforward imo. Putty's own standard fir ssh key-pairs? Why the fuck??
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    @brnrdo granted its inconvenient and jobs are inconvinient.

    I totally get @IntrusionCM , and you should set your own terms for employment. At the end of a day, its a job.

    I'm just saying it for the love of the machines we operate, for me it can be inconvinient too as any OS has its own pros and cons for different types of jobs. For some I'd prefer Windows, others any GNU distro or MacOS.

    Some may be eventually easier to operate in a particular OS due to the software already in-place in the organization or the product they're producing/supporting/etc.
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    Dual boot if you have admin rights. Face it: Linux is the best for dev, Windows for all the rest (printing, games, video codecs, VPNs, MS Office Suite, ...) and Mac if you have a manbun, fancy shirt and expensive taste. And a fetish for touch bars and dongles (eww that sounds weirdly ambiguous)

    @brnrdo Why use PuTTy? OpenSSH via Git Bash works a charm
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    @webketje finally. That explains why I like Macs…

    To OP: adapt. We humans should be able to do so.

    That said, I wouldn’t even consider a job where I had to use a Windows machine. At my current place I get the option of Windows machine or a Mac. Obviously I go to Mac. Lesser pain, closer to a Linux to work with.
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    Makes me wonder what kinda stuff you need to do that would prevent you from getting shit done?

    I work on Windows most of the time at home, with Linux at work but outside that I prefer my Linux setup at work, neither one prevents me from getting shit down for my work.

    Packaging Python modules, I can't speak of (Python is one of those languages I hate enough to only really bother with remembering its existence or when it's absolutely mandatory).

    And well, it's only on Windows, then surely more people in the company have the issue right? So it's time to work on a bug fix for that then.

    If they don't have that issue, well... then it's a you problem.

    If you are the only dev there, they should hire someone else ASAP or they'll have serious problems if you can't come (you never know when truck-kun comes to isekai you).

    I don't use PuTTy at all (I just use Git Bash + Gpg4Win) and all I had to do was tick a button in Kleopatra...
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    The solution is to use Windows.

    I know, I know, it's hard, but that's how it works.

    You turn it on, you give it commands, and PUFF, it works.
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