Well, the James Webb Telescope runs on Javascript (partly)

JS haters, any comment? 🙃


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    People hate JS because it is easier write bad code in it. I have a disliking towards JS for the same reason.

    However, people at James Webb probably know what they are doing., obviously. If it’s good for their use case, who are we to hate on it. It is just a means to an end.
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    Its just because its an acessible language, not because its good
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    At least they are not framework retards
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    I'm pretty sure they needed the is-even and is-odd package for a telescope, there's math involved in these things you know...
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    In my opinion, it explains a lot.

    Not meant positively.

    But if you *read* the article and would *not* try to start a pissing contest about JS haters, which have all reasons to hate JS, you might realize immediately why they choose JS - or let's better say, choose Nomba as the engine for JS, which was a simple script engine fitting the very limited use set. Which is dead nowadays, but was pretty wise choice back at that time.

    Wish they would write in the article what the world looked like at that time - cause it wasn't pretty at all.

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    Of ALL programming languages
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    Is that what makes a language great? It's being used in a NASA project?

    If that's the case, let's all go back to assembly because that's what voyager used.

    Calling out JavaScript as what makes the JWT great minimizes the efforts and scientific achievements of every engineer, developer, and scientist that had a hand in building it.

    Furthermore you're damaging the scientific discoveries that have yet to be made with the JWT by implying JavaScript is important enough to be called out specifically as the sole responsible language for those discoveries.

    Your commentary is offensive and frankly disappointing on multiple levels of human achievement.

    I award you zero points and may Cheezus have mercy upon your soul.

    Is this what you were expecting?
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    @johnmelodyme it sounds to me a lot like they exactly didn't want that.

    They wanted a minimal scripting language that could be used to *commandeer*. A bit like a steering wheel and shifting gear in a car. It's important, yes - but it's not the engine.

    Which makes sense. After all you don't want to send a multi billion dollar project 30 years in making into space without the possibility to adapt.
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    And how is this relevant to the taking of the Lands between by a maidenless tarnished? @TeachMeCode can you tell me?
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    It was a decision made a long time ago. Back then it was one of the few scripting languages available. The implementation is vastly different than from a browser. It's just an embedded interpreter. Likely today they would have made a different decision. Or not, as it seems a good use case.
    But using this as an argument that something is inherently good or suited for desktop applications etc is just stupid.
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    @AleCx04 I guess he became elden lord through the power of the great javascript rune
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