We made a Tetris cake 😁

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    Nice! Congratulations 😁
    Be sure to include the appropriate music in MIDI format
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    super cute 😍 i guess everyone eats a whole row each?
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    As a non-baker, how do I make it?
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    Great idea. Congrats looks super
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    That's adorable, always cut one row away once they reach the bottom.
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    How'd you make it?
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    @lbfalvy bake the cake, cut it like tetris blocks, prepare the cream and add different food coloring, cover tetris blocks with different coloring. Doesn't sounds hard and it looks cool!
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    @soull00t That was such a wonderful idea we had to do it :)

    @PappyHans Thanks!

    @connormon, @lbfalvy: @hack is right about how we made it. Super simple, and definitely tedious, but the result is worthwhile :)
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    Now you have to eat the base and keep baking more pieces 🀀
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    That cake is no lie - if the colors correspond to different flavors.
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    I bet if you'd sell these pieces in anticafe, some geek would be crazy enough to buy a lot of them just to make a row! β˜ΊπŸ€‘
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    Milton. Just line clear.
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    It looks so good, I wish I could eat it too!
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    Love this concept. The cake is already cut and each cut is the same size
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