How to trigger social justice warriors...

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    ( o ) Other: slave_owner
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    I've seen repos on github that have both main and master branches. Why choose when you can have both? 🤪
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    I still use “master” because my mind doesn’t consider that word necessarily connected to the concept of “slavery”

    To me it sounds more like “supreme”, if you get the idea, so I don’t bend my usage of words to others’ prejudices

    Just in case, for equal rights, my next repository will have a “mistress” branch
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    @rov3rand0m any fun repo with "margarita" branch?)))
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    I prefer main-slave-master
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    GitHub was bugging me about this. “Change the branch from master to main!!!11”. The solution:

    1. Okay, let's change it

    2. Let's pick a custom name

    3. “master” is a very good custom name.

    This solved everything for me. Smart enough to tell me my master branches weren't called “main”, yet not smart enough to realize my custom name is equal to what came before it.
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    @ostream I'm convinced this was a social experiment, just like covid
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    @rov3rand0m: Yes, thee are no "slave branches" in git and the word "master" has always been used in ways where there are no slaves, like "master at his craft" or "master and apprentice". Worse for the hifi world with terms like master speaker and slave speaker.

    I also feel like the sensitivity of slavery is an American history thing that doesn't need to be forced upon global products.
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    @ostream it's like the fake cuphead controversy. no one really complained, but somehow too many people came out to defend
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    Master, main, develop ? Who needs all of that you just need a “code” branch where you develop, test and push in production at the same time 😎
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    Don’t use “default branch” it’s offensive to those that cannot afford a mortgage
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    @ostream some people were outraged that cuphead was being "cancelled" for racism, but it never was.

    for context, that style of animation has roots in minstrelsy (the gloves, for example) and cuphead also takes inspiration from the storylines from the era, that had some racist tropes, aka the black person addicted to playing dice.

    what actually happened: people pointed out that yeah, the roots of cuphead are fucked up, and it would be good if the creators acknowledged it, but they don't. no one said boycott cuphead or anything, just y'know, learn some history
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