PM (on slack): "we’re about to deploy to production".
Me: "ok"
… I keep on working on a task / remain available for any post deployment issues …
PM (5 minutes later on slack): "deployment broke production! We need to handle this NOW!"

My dev colleague has already called it a day, but I’m still online

Me: "ok I don’t have access to prod, can you describe what’s going on? I can’t reproduce on any other environment"

PM: …

10 minutes go by

Me: "anybody there?"

PM: …

45 minutes later, I realize PM is offline

The following day:
PM: "ok we got prod running again" (turns out it was client’s fault for not updating a config we as devs can’t access)
PM: "but we’re REALLY UPSET! You guys need to be available to intervene for any issues following deployment to production! At least one of you should be available!"

Me: "but, but…" 🫠

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    Holy shit...
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    Dude, people like that need some punch in the face.

    "You stay online and avaliable, I have to go. And better fix that shit :)"


    Now I am angry >:( !
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    What the hell.
    Now I’m angry, too.
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    This is infuriating!!!1 Slap their stupid face!

    This rant made me violent...
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    this begs for a screenshot sent to the same chat where you replied and no one bothered answering your questions :)

    Oh please do the screenshot thing. My OCD demands for it!
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    To be fair with my PM, overall he’s a pretty good manager. It’s just that every now and then he has these weird moments when he’ll make a totally unfair accusation. Usually when he’s stressed and under pressure from his hierarchy. We’ve learned to just let him blow off his steam.
    I did eventually mention to him that I was available to help. He shrugged it off and went on to saying we shouldn’t be deploying to prod late afternoon (again it wasn’t our call)
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    @black-kite No dude, thats plain wrong.

    I understand the presure can make one have shity behaviour, but don't pay it on others.

    That never will change if you or your colleages allow it. I do not say that the PM is a bad person, but he/she should do better.
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    @black-kite I sure hope it's not Stockholm syndrome. You give manager a slack, and they'll give you none.
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    @black-kite > "usually when he’s stressed and under pressure from his hierarchy"

    Does he recognize and take responsibility for that behavior?

    Even the best leaders will have moments and will take ownership of a misstep.

    For (bad) example, I've had managers be proven wrong (made a mistake, etc) and their response is "NOBODY EVER <bleep>ING TALK ABOUT THIS AGAIN!!!". Even to the point of monitoring messages/email to make sure no one was talking about the situation (in a negative way towards him)

    The good ones will say "I screwed up, its on me. I didn't take the time to get all the information and I'm sorry. I'll do better."

    If you've got a good one, do whatever you can to make him/her stick around, look good, etc. cause there is 100 bad bosses waiting to drop their stink on you.
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    @zoridan @vintprox @PaperTrail
    It’s touchy because he’s the client. I’m a consultant and I kind of have to nod my head up and down in these situations
    He’ll never admit he made a mistake.

    But 95% of the time he leaves us alone and allows us to be very independent in the way we handle things. He has his moments like this one (very rare), which really sucks but I’m willing to accept it if the rest of the time we’re not bothered.
    It’s not Stockholm syndrome, it’s compromise I suppose
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    @black-kite thats the real world. Typical redditor would say quit on the spot as soon as you encounter an issue but thats not how it works..
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    you should have just screenshotted the previous day's thing and added "then i realized you're already offline"
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